A Swedish Concept Art Director & UX Designer living in Berlin.

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For a complete CV contact me. Here is just a short summary.

DDB Tribal Berlin, Art Director | UX Designer (2011-NOW)
ALREADY (my company) (2003-NOW)
Doberman Interaction Designer (2010-2011)
ÅkestamHolst Art Director (2010)
3 Graphic Designer (2009)
Sundsvalls Tidning Photo journalist (2001-2005)

Hyper Island Interactive Art Director (2009-2010)
Berghs School of Communication Graphic Design Diploma (2003-2005)
Mittuniversitetet Media & Communication Studies (2001-2002)
UofN, School of Photography, Hawaii (2001)
Hedbergska skolan (High School) The Media program, Sundsvall (1997-2000)

Åkestam Holst (2010)
Identity Works (2004)
TV4 News (1999)

The Human Element (2009)
UGL (Understanding Group & Leader) (2007)

The Swedish Institute for cultural exchange in Japan (2007)
Makarna Lindeqvists donation for professional media studies (2004)
Hedbergska skolan for top grades (2000)
Hedbergska skolan for making a Documentary Video about Auschwitz (2000)
This is a long-term collaboration with Jonas Myrin, a Grammy Award Winning Songwriter & Artist from Sweden.

Art Direction, Concept, User Experience Design

Photos: Elisabeth Toll, Alexander Hols, Henrik Halvarsson, Hazel Thompson

Authentic, Personal, Iconic, Epic.

jonasmyrin.com is a full screen image site where the user interact with the content by moving the curser. We want to get the user even more curious by combining the hit single "Day Of The Battle", music, motion graphics, videos & information. This is a collaboration with Robin Günther (design) and Johan Dettmar (coding).
Volkswagen (Global for 33 markets)

Digital Art Direction (pitch)
User Experience Design (online, outdoor installation)

This is the first integrated & global campaign for a new Volkswagen Golf.

In the campaign we got people to think about what is the most important in life by asking questions like – "If you could only kiss ONE PERSON  for the rest of your life, who would it be?". This is one of the TVC.

Eight questions where asked at the ONE PLATFORM  where users could answer, save and compare their answers.

In Berlin at Potsdamer Platz we created an interactive installation where 5.000 people shared their ONE KISS  live on a huge video wall. One man even ended up proposing to his girlfriend in front of the screens (and she said yes!).

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1. The installation contained eight big touch screens where people lined up to take an image of their ONE KISS.  Available in both English and German.
2. The best part of the participation!
3. The users typed in the names…
4. After approving the legal it was just minutes until the image was displayed at the big screen and an e-mailed being sent to the user with a link to the image so it could be shared sociall.

Can not show you because of Legal restrictions. Contact me and I am happy to send a personal link.

The Golf is the best sold car, ever. Since 1974 more than 29 million cars have been sold worldwide.

Create an integrated campaign for launching Volkswagen's new Golf 7 for 33 markets worldwide.

We challenged people to define what is the most important in life by asking the question "If you could only chose ONE THING*  for the rest of your life, what would that be?". Print ads, posters, banners and commercials all led to the campaign site onething.com where the user created their one page. We had over 7.4 million hits on the site with participants from over 30 countries with more than 750.000 answers shared online.

A new intimate soap from Sana, Cederroth

Art Direction, Styling/Set Design

Behind the scenes. Six cameras streamed live from the cage day and night. On this picture the main room and terrace is viewed.

The mouse Pamela lived in a nice apartment in mid town Stockholm, at a place called Södermalm. The view from her terrace is just fantastic!

As the girl she is she spend a lot of her time in the Bathroom.

Together with the carpenter Alexander Nylén we created a bathroom, a kitchen, a bed and a livingroom in the mouse's size.

Pamela's friend Ebba in taking a bath in the jacuzzi. Champagne and the Royal Family portrait makes it even more luxury.

The mice spent a lof of their precious time in bed.

Pamela playing around in bed.

Pamela and her friends gathered around the TV in the living room watching Allsång på Skansen and Fotball.

Six mounted cameras gave the Facebook fan an opportunity to follow the mouse's life. A count-down timer indicated the next time the mouse would participate in a new happening. By answer the Facebook Question you decided what would happen the mouse the next following day. A simple form in the bottom gave the viewer free samples of the intimate soup Sana.

A short glimpse of the campaign (in Swedish)

Create a Facebook campaign for the concept "Take care of the beaver" (the Swedish word is "mouse" – Akta musen!).
Our goal was to create an awareness around Sana as a brand among women 15-35 years old and to encourage them to order free samples.

We created a luxury home for the female mouse named Pamela. The Facebook viewers could LIVE see the cage in six different angles and by Facebook questions decide what would happen to Pamela the next coming day. Pamela and her three mice friends had a hectic life; they went shopping, celebrated Mid Summer in St Tropez, drank fruity smoothies, dated actor Alexander Skarsgård and went to Las Vegas.

The Teem & Awkward Group
Filadelfiakyrkan Stockholm (Pentecostal Church)

Art Direction, Design, User Experience Design

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Opening question: "How are you today?" Based on your answer the app will give you a Bible verse as an encouragement. You can save the scripture as a picture in your phone or share it on Facebook. Your answers are saved and summarized in a diagram. By using the geographic tag the app shows how people in Stockholm feel. The app also give you an opportunity to send in a Prayer request. A map shows where the closest church is located and at what time the next service will be hold. Download app for free on iTunes.

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How do a person look like when their soul has peace?
By using difference faces from members in the church we wanted to show that everyone are welcome as they are.

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Each Sunday has its own topic and Bible verse. A folder was made to inform the congregation about the topic for each Sunday's service.

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Banners, posters and ads in Metro invited people in Stockholm, Sweden to come to church and to download the app.

Inspire people to come to Church for the campaign called "Frid i själen?"
(Peace in your soul?)

An app that shows that the Church cares about how you feel and listens to what is on your mind regardless who you are and where you are.

This is a collaboration with Photographer Rickard Liljero Eriksson and Developer Stefan Baronowsky.