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Folksam (Insurance company)

Concept, Strategy

The logo created by Oskar Belin.

Start page, Folksam the insurance company

Think of an animal, plant or a mineral that you care about. Answer the following questions from that perspective. Känslobarometern will show you that Folksam knows what your heart is clapping for.

Start the game by defining your gender, age and location.

The questions are displayed in various ways. This is one example.

After a several of questions the game will tell you what Känslobarometern thinks that you are thinking of. In this example you are thinking of a katt (cat).

When finishing the online game you will be rewarded with interesting facts about your favorite "thing" – statistics, proposal Fan pages on Facebook to join and clips on YouTube about cats.

And of course Folksam offers you an opportunity to get the insurance you need for your dear cat.

Create an online campaign that strengthen the brand's new concept
"Everything that You cares about".

An online game where the prospect client challenge Folksam to see if they really knows what Your heart is clapping for. We call the service Känslobarometern (Survey of Feelings). Try it here.
Different TV commercials and banners are leading traffic to the site.

Åkestam Holst & Stopp
Posten (The Swedish Post Office)

Art Direction, Concept, Strategy, Creating Content

One challenge was to find creative and inspiring content. We made a lot by ourselves. Below is some of my contribution.

Decorate you friends Christmas tree with a boll made by a balloon and some sparkling glue.

Invitation to the Dinner with the girls. Use just some stickers and a napkin.

The first BBQ for the season? Use just some yarn and a meet tray.

Send some sweets in a hand made medicine box to your sick friend.

Hand printed acetone print for Christmas. This specific card was used by my company Already some years ago.

Invite your family to a wonderful Christmas dinner by cutting and decorating a pink dishcloth so it looks like a pice of ham.

Inspire people to send more postcards.

Our concept, Glädjespridaren (Convey of Happiness), is a mashup with posts from different RSS blogs. To get a high level of inspiration we at the agency created a lot of the content by ourselves. Visit Glädjespridaren.se and the Fan Page at Facebook.
The campaign has been covered in a variety of blogs. For example in Trendenser, Synnerligen, Bröllopsinspiration

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