I met Cas Lemmens, a great Creative Technologist at Hyper Island. We realized that together we bring a great mixture of knowledge and experience in a context of a solid view of teamwork. We decided to apply for some jobs as a creative team but it seamed like the industry was not ready to give up the traditional roles of AD + Copy so I ended up in Berlin and Cas in London. But one day we will meet again.

You use different tools for different kind of solutions. By combining tools to our previous work we want to share what we have done, how and why.

The Toolbox of Cas & Anna

The site works as a single page where you scroll horizontally. Via the menu in the top left corner, you can scroll through the different sections.

The inspiration for the design comes from old ads for working equipment from the 1940's. Every tool is strict put in a box with reference numbers in he bottom.

When you click a tool, you can read why we have added this tool to the box. Some of our work are added to each tool as a reference.

A list of our selected work.

Every project is presented with a short text and additional pictures.

The last page include a short presentation about ourselves.

Concept, Graphic Design