Filadelfiakyrkan Stockholm (Pentecostal Church)

Art Direction, Design, User Experience Design

Opening question: "How are you today?" Based on your answer the app will give you a Bible verse as an encouragement. You can save the scripture as a picture in your phone or share it on Facebook. Your answers are saved and summarized in a diagram. By using the geographic tag the app shows how people in Stockholm feel. The app also give you an opportunity to send in a Prayer request. A map shows where the closest church is located and at what time the next service will be hold. Download app for free on iTunes.

How do a person look like when their soul has peace?
By using difference faces from members in the church we wanted to show that everyone are welcome as they are.

Each Sunday has its own topic and Bible verse. A folder was made to inform the congregation about the topic for each Sunday's service.

Banners, posters and ads in Metro invited people in Stockholm, Sweden to come to church and to download the app.

Inspire people to come to Church for the campaign called "Frid i själen?"
(Peace in your soul?)

An app that shows that the Church cares about how you feel and listens to what is on your mind regardless who you are and where you are.

This is a collaboration with Photographer Rickard Liljero Eriksson and Developer Stefan Baronowsky.